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Want To Buy Car Insurance Online? Get A Policy Here

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Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Want To Buy Car Insurance Online? Get A Policy Here

It's that dreaded time of year. Not tax time. Car-insurance buying time. Your policy is about to expire, and you think you can get a better deal somewhere else. Or you just bought a car, and you need insurance now. You're tempted to go with what your parents or friends have, but you're convinced their policies are mediocre at best.

So where do you go to buy a policy? Start with an insurance comparison site. First, you'll see competitive rates from insurers in your area. Then you'll get a call from a licensed insurance agent. They'll answer your questions and give you honest, unbiased advice about which policies work best for you.

No need to visit another site, call every insurance company in your area, or visit anyone in-person. Find quotes at your convenience, and then get back-up help from a real person. It's that simple.

So why not see what you could save? Look up online auto insurance quotes in your area!

How To Buy Car Insurance Online

Before you compare policies online, you have to collect some important data. Here's the how-to of insurance-buying in six simple steps. So you can get on the road (with your new policy, of course), and get on with your day.

1) Gather All Your Personal Data

First, get the information you'll need to fill out an application:

Your Car's Info:

  • Year, make, model
  • Vehicle identification number (VIN)
  • Security features on your car (Anti-theft accessories and car alarms might get you a discount from insurers)
  • Mileage (With an estimate of how much you drive every week)

Your Personal Info:

  • Driver's license number
  • Social Security Number
  • Car insurance history
  • Personal info of other drivers you want to cover in your policy

It won't take long to grab this data. If you're a first-time insurance buyer, even better! You don't to worry about finding your car insurance history.

2) Review Your Driving Record

Every insurance company uses your driving record to decide what to charge you for coverage. Because bad driving is bad news for an insurer. The better your driving record, the less you'll have to pay for insurance.

You don't need a physical copy of your driving record to shop online for car insurance. But be advised: It's safer to check your record before you start your search. (Just order it through the DMV.) Once you get a policy, your insurer will look at your record to verify what you told them. If you forget to report an accident or driving ticket, they'll find out. And you'll be stuck with much higher rates than you wanted.

3) Figure Out Your State's Minimum Requirements

When you drive a car, you're required to have liability coverage. (New Hampshire is the only state that doesn’t make this a law.) With liability coverage, your insurance company will pay up to a certain amount for an accident that was your fault. It covers the cost of death and injury, vehicle and property damage, and legal fees.

Some states require even more coverage, like protection against uninsured or underinsured drivers. Check out your state's insurance department to see what minimum coverage you need to buy.

Then, for no fee at all, you can look up insurance quotes online. Try it now!

4) Add On The Extras

This is where you really start to hate the insurance-buying process. There are so many options for extra coverage--like glass window, towing, medical payments, and rental car coverage--that we know you're feeling a little panicked.

So we'll keep it simple. If you want car insurance that covers basically everything, go for comprehensive and collision coverage. Comprehensive covers the cost of physical damage that happens from a non-collision accident, like vandalism, a cracked windshield, theft, and fire. Collision covers any damage to your vehicle from an accident--even if you caused it. If you buy them together, you're getting what's called "full coverage."

Get full coverage, and your car will be protected from whatever's on the road——from bad drivers, to car thieves, to those annoying little pebbles that cause major damage to your windshield. Search online for your full coverage options.

5) Compare Car insurance Quotes Online

People hate shopping for insurance. That's a given. But when it's time to make a purchase, research shows that most consumers only compare rates from one or two companies before they pick a plan. Why not consider all your options? The more you compare, the more you'll save.

Do a car insurance quote comparison, and you could find a great rate in seconds!

6) Get Expert Help

Even if you've found a great rate online, you'll want reassurance from an agent who knows the buying process much better than what your friends (or Google) could tell you. Use Insurance Clarity, and we'll put you in touch with an expert agent. They'll help you figure out what coverage you need, without paying too much for it.

Look up car insurance companies in your area. Get one-on-one guidance from the experts. Let Insurance Clarity do the hard work for you!

When you drive a car (or even step out of bed), you risk getting into an accident. To avoid the painfully high cost of injury or car repair, you need insurance. Insurance Clarity can help you get a policy today!