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What Are Your Medical Plan Choices? Find Out Here!

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What Are Your Medical Plan Choices? Find Out Here!

The holidays are coming, but you have a bigger burden on your mind: choosing a medical plan. Whether you're enrolling for the first time, or you're just looking for better coverage, you need to find a plan before Open Enrollment ends.

But shopping for insurance is such a hassle, you'd actually prefer to be stuck at the mall on Black Friday than search for a medical plan.

What if there was a simple, stress-free way to find a medical plan? What if you could get personalized support from an insurance professional, and pay nothing for it?

With a website called First Quote Health, you can get free help finding a low cost plan that fits your health needs. Just click here to get started.

Once you enter your zip code and basic personal info on First Quote Health, you'll receive instant quotes from top insurance companies in your area. Then, within minutes, you'll get a call from an independent, third party agent. (If you're using First Quote Health after normal business hours, an agent will call you the next day.)

An independent agent works one-on-one with you to answer your questions and decide which medical services you need covered. Then they get to work comparing plans for you.

Best of all, support from an agent is completely free. When you sign up for a plan, the insurance company pays the agent for their referral. You don't pay a dime, even if you don't pick a plan.

The biggest advantage of U.S. health insurance is that you have options. You decide which medical plan to buy, and which insurance company to buy it from.

Having so many choices forces insurance companies to compete for your business. With help from an independent agent, you'll get the best deal on the insurance market.

Agents negotiate with health insurance companies on your behalf. Once they track down the best options for customized, low cost coverage, you pick the plan you want.

Force insurance companies to fight for your business. Get in touch with an agent, and get help finding the best plan for you and your family.

First Quote Health doesn't work for insurance companies or the government. This site only connects you to licensed agents who represent you, not the insurance companies.

So, what would you rather do this holiday season: spend hours shopping for plans on dozens of insurance websites, or let an expert do the hard work for you?

We think it's an easy answer. Get free, personalized support from a medical insurance pro. Try First Quote Health today!

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Wednesday, November 25, 2015