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You Can't Afford To Go Without Health Insurance! Here's Why

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You Can't Afford To Go Without Health Insurance! Here's Why

Over 40 million Americans don't have health insurance, and their biggest excuse for going without it is cost.

That's no surprise, considering the majority of uninsured Americans have low incomes and don't get covered through work. If money's already tight, why waste it on healthcare expenses? You can avoid seeing the doctor this year. You can't neglect paying for rent and groceries.

Here's a reality check for uninsured Americans: You can't afford to be uninsured. Having health insurance actually costs you less than going without it.

Want proof? Here are six reasons why you need health insurance now.

You Get Help Paying For Other Healthcare Costs

If you make below a certain income level, the government will pay part of your monthly premiums For some families, they'll even pay part of your out-of-pocket costs!

You Get FREE Services

If you've been neglecting preventive care because you don't have insurance, you've been putting your health at serious risk. But we have great news for you: health plans now guarantee free preventive services. You can see your doctor for immunizations, cancer and diabetes screenings, lab tests, STD checks, birth control, referrals to specialists, and your routine physical. For any of these preventive services, you don't even have to pay a copay!

Once you get an affordable policy, you can finally prioritize your long-term health and well-being.

You Get Maternity Care

When you're expecting a baby, you want to shop for baby clothes and stockpile diapers--not stress over how you'll pay for the ultrasound or delivery. Under Obamacare, you're covered for maternity care! This includes care during pregnancy, labor, delivery, post-delivery, and newborn care.

To pay for maternity services with insurance, you'll have about $3,400 of out-of-pocket costs. But that's nothing compared to the $10,000 to $15,000 you'd pay for a hospital delivery, and the thousands more you'd pay for doctor care and testing, if you didn't have insurance.

You'll Have A Lower Hospital Bill

Obamacare plans guarantee you 10 essential health benefits. We already mentioned two of them: maternity care coverage and free preventive services. However, we know you're especially concerned with the most daunting medical expense--an unexpected trip to the hospital.

With Obamacare, you're covered for those surprise ER visits and overnight hospital stays.

Your Prescription Drugs Cost Less

After your hospital visit, you'll probably be prescribed some type of medication. Health insurance under Obamacare helps pay for the drugs you need to treat an infection, recover from an injury, or take care of an ongoing health condition.

You Won't Get Penalized

Before Obamacare, you could technically avoid buying health insurance. The biggest penalty you'd face was a seriously high medical bill after an emergency.

Because of healthcare reform, the rules have changed. Obamacare now requires you and every other American to get health insurance. If you don't, you'll be fined. The fee you'll pay is called the tax penalty, and it's a certain percentage of your income.

So, if you don't buy health insurance, you have to foot all your medical bills, plus the tax penalty. That doesn't seem very cost-effective, does it?

Beware The Hidden Costs Of Going Uninsured

If you have a medical emergency, and you don't have insurance, you never know what you'll pay for care. Hospitals set their own rates, so any emergency could cost a couple hundred at one hospital, and a couple thousand at another. Medical pricing is unpredictable and incredibly difficult to understand. In fact, "you need a Ph.D. in health economics" to grasp its logic, said Dr. Warren to the New York Times.

However, when you have insurance, you pay much less for a trip to the hospital. On average, insurers pay about 40 to 50 percent of your hospital charges. That's because private and government insurers negotiate rates with hospitals to bring down the cost of your procedure.

If you don't have insurance, you're on your own. Without anyone to negotiate your rates, even a couple stitches at the hospital can rack up your bill to a whopping $1,500.

Still Think You Can't Afford Health Insurance?

In case you're still reluctant to use your hard-earned money for those seemingly pricey monthly premiums, consider the cost of health services without insurance. Here's a breakdown of what you'd pay out-of-pocket for doctor visits and major emergencies.

Cost Of Medical Care Without Health Insurance

Pay If You Do... Pay More If You Don't

Sure, health insurance costs you money. But going without it costs you much more. When you say no to coverage, you pay the full cost of your care. You're also more likely to put off getting medical help, for fear of getting charged with exorbitant out-of-pocket costs.

As you can tell, being uninsured is a slippery slope. Ignore your health concerns now, and you'll have worse (and more costly) problems down the road.

If you don't have healthcare coverage, it's time to pick a plan! Search for a policy with First Quote Health. This website will connect you to a licensed agent who can help you find a plan that works with your budget.

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Wednesday, May 13, 2015