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What Is Home Insurance, And Why Do You Need It?

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Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What Is Home Insurance, And Why Do You Need It?

When you buy a home, you're in for the biggest investment of your life. Just think of all the years you've spent dreaming, planning, and saving up for that place to call your own. But if disaster strikes, you could lose it all overnight. If your home got destroyed or damaged, would you be prepared to rebuild and recover everything you own?

With the right home insurance policy, you will be. Home insurance protects your home and prized possessions from destruction. It doesn't create some invisible, impenetrable bubble over your home. But in case of burglary, fire, hail, windstorm, or whatever else Mother Nature throws your way, you'll get the help you need to pay for what you lost.

That's why home insurance is also called homeowners insurance. Because you, the homeowner, are protected from financial devastation if your home (and what's in it) gets damaged or destroyed.

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Why You Need Homeowners Insurance

Home insurance is a must-have for any homeowner. It's not required by law. But trust us, you want it. Having home insurance protects you from whatever comes your way.

Still not convinced? We've got eight reasons you need to buy homeowners insurance right now.

1) To Buy A Home

As long as you have a mortgage, your lender will probably require you to have home insurance. Until you've paid off your loans, your home is their property, too.

If you don't buy home insurance before you get a loan, your lender can find a policy for you. But we're guessing you'd rather do it yourself, to make sure you get the best deal possible.

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2) To Pay For Injuries In Your Home

As a homeowner, you're liable for the safety of anyone who enters your home. That's a heavy responsibility. Home insurance takes that burden off your shoulders.

Say you have friends over for a BBQ. One of them trips over a skateboard and breaks their ankle. Who's responsible for covering their medical bills? You. But if you have home insurance, your insurer will foot the bill, not you.

3) To Cover Your Assets In Court

If your friend is really a friend, they won't blame you for the incident. They'll cover the cost of their own injuries, and you'll promise to keep that skateboard out of sight. But if your "friend" decides to take legal action, and you don't have home insurance, you're the one paying their medical expenses and your legal fees.

Want liability coverage for accidents in your home? Get homeowners insurance today!

4) To Pay For Damages Outside Your Home

Even if you, your family, or your pets hurt someone or cause damage away from home, home insurance covers you. Say a baseball goes through your neighbor's window, or your cat scratches someone's screen door. Your insurer will help pay for the cost of repairs.

5) To Rebuild After Big-Time Damage

We're talking about those unpredictable, unstoppable natural disasters: ice storms, wind storms, tornadoes, hurricanes, fire, lightning, and even volcanoes. It sounds like the setting for some blockbuster action movie, but these natural disasters are a real threat to your home. If you have to rebuild after they hit, you need home insurance to help pay for it.

Be prepared for disaster with homeowners insurance.

6) To Repair After Smaller Catastrophes

Water damage from a burst pipe. A break-in while you're on vacation. Vandalism from bored teens on a Saturday night. As long as you own a home, something will go wrong. Homeowners insurance covers the damage when it does.

7) To Recover Your Precious Belongings

Home insurance doesn't just protect your actual house. It protects the belongings inside it. If your house is burglarized while you're gone, home insurance would recover the value of whatever was stolen. If your furniture or personal goods get damaged, you'll be covered for those damages, too.

With home insurance, you can protect your most prized possessions.

8) To Pay For Living Costs (If Your Home Is Damaged)

If you have to rebuild or repair your home, you'll have to live somewhere else for awhile. Home insurance covers your eating and living expenses away from home, until you can finally move back in.

How To Shop For Homeowners Insurance

Your house holds everything that's important to you. Why not do everything you can to protect it?

Now's the time to look for a homeowners insurance policy. Start your search with Insurance Clarity. You'll get a free quote on policies in your area. Then you'll talk to a licensed agent who can tell you what coverage you need, and how much you should pay.

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