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Easy Answers To The Medicare Questions You Don't Want To Ask

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Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Easy Answers To The Medicare Questions You Don't Want To Ask

Health insurance is your safety net. It covers your expensive meds, your unexpected hospital visits, and your ongoing care from doctors and specialists. Health insurance is a must-have, and it's even better when you get help paying for it.

If you qualify for Medicare, your medical costs are covered by the U.S. government. That's great news, right? After all, you've been a hardworking taxpayer your whole life.

You deserve some payback during your golden years.

However, keep in mind that the U.S. government has almost 320 million people (and 44 million Medicare recipients) to look out for. Standard, government-issued Medicare can only go so far.

That's why you need extra coverage. Supplement plans help pay for medical costs that aren't covered by standard Medicare.

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You'll get a free quote for health plans in your area. Then you'll get help narrowing your options.

This site will put you in touch with a licensed agent who will give you straightforward, unbiased advice on how to choose the best additional coverage at the most affordable rate.

What Does Medicare Do For You? We're Glad You Asked!

Before you pick a plan, you want to know exactly how Medicare benefits you. We won't bore you with the ins and outs of the federal health insurance program. Your insurance agent will help you sort out those details.

What we will do is answer your urgent Medicare questions, the ones you think you should know but don't want to ask. (Don't worry, most people don't know these answers either.)

Let's get started.

1) What Is Medicare?

It's a government-run program that offers health insurance plans to Americans who have reached retirement age.

2) What Age Does Medicare Start?

Age 65. People with certain medical conditions, like Lou Gehrig's disease or kidney failure, can get Medicare before 65.

3) Is There A Difference Between Medicare And Medicaid?

Medicare offers health insurance policies to older Americans. Medicaid offers health insurance to Americans with a low income.

Medicare is run by the federal government, and Medicaid is run by your state. Neither of them are part of the health insurance program run by Obamacare.

4) How Do I Know When To Apply For Medicare?

You can apply during a set period of time each year. It's called Medicare Open Enrollment, and it typically runs from October to December.

But you might be able to get Medicare health insurance now!

Here's how you might qualify for Medicare outside Open Enrollment:

  • You just turned turn 65.
  • You already have a plan, and you want to change it.
  • You had a major life change, like losing your job or moving to a new state.
  • You want to upgrade to a better plan.

Even if you don't think you qualify for Medicare right now, you can still get in touch with an insurance agent. It doesn't hurt to ask!

To find out if you can get Medicare outside Open Enrollment, talk to an expert. Insurance agents will confirm whether or not you qualify for Medicare right now.

5) Does Medicare Provide The Same Benefits As Regular Health Insurance?

It can, if you buy extra coverage. The government gets you what's called Original Medicare, and it's a bare bones version of healthcare coverage. If you're taking prescription drugs and need extra care, as most older Americans do, you need more than the basics.

Supplement policies are broken down into different parts. Here's the gist of what they cover:

  • Prescription drugs
  • Doctors' services
  • Preventive services
  • Medical supplies
  • Hospital stays
  • Outpatient care
  • Care at a skilled nursing facility or hospice care

6) How Do I Sign Up For Medicare?

To get no-frills Medicare, you don't have to do anything. If you have Social Security, you'll get your Medicare card three months after you turn 65.

If you want help paying for your prescriptions and doctor care, you want Medicare supplement plans.

Medicare Helps You Keep Up Your Quality Of Life

As you age, your health is more of a priority than ever. Don't skimp on quality healthcare. Get extra Medicare coverage right here. When you enter your zip code, you'll get a free quote on plans near you. Then you'll get expert help from an agent who will answer your questions and help you choose a plan.

You need help paying for your healthcare costs. The right Medicare plans will help you do that. Get the coverage you need today!